The Great Escape

ImageWell I was right we did have our injections today, it was to protect us against clostridial disease that could kill us really quickly. My auntie Adora who was my mums sister died from that so its best that we had the vaccine.  I must admit I did cry a bit but I soon got over it and by the afternoon we were all ready for some mischief.

When Amanda came out from the house to check on us after lunch she found us in the next paddock! We are not supposed to go in there because we use a different paddock each year, but due to windy weather the gate had blown open, just a little bit and we were able to sneak through. Who wouldn’t? You ought to see the brambles and trees that are in there!

Amanda thinks it was Bernard that led us through the Gap, thats a picture of Bernard above, one of his ears is a bit short as his mum got a bit over enthusiastic with licking him when he was born and ‘bit’ instead of licked! But she was a new mum and didn’t realise. (please excuse my brothers in the back of the picture, being so young its a confusing time!).

Well I better go now, I need a rest after all the excitement and extra food.

Bertie x


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