Still Getting Stuck

Well as I thought, the double fencing hasn’t stopped my brothers and sisters still managing to get their heads stuck in the fence! My sister managed to get her head stuck under the gate trying to reach a basket on the other side. We all knew it was empty but she’s so greedy! Then Bernard got his head stuck in one of our bale feeders after an attempt was made to make this more ‘kid proof’!

I think the people in the house are getting a bit fed up with our high jinks! Oh well. Kids will be kids!Image


New Handmade Bags at Newmoor Barn

Handmade Bag, Felted Bag

New range of handmade felted bags

We’ve had a busy week at Newmoor Barn. My step brothers and I continued to stick our heads through the fence, so Amanda and Damian had to put up double fencing. We are foxed for the moment but i’m sure we will work out a new way to create mischief! We have also launched a new range of handmade bags using some of my aunties fleece. You can check out our new range of bags here!
Hope you like them!
Bye Bye for now