Ethical Mohair for Reborn Dolls

coditioned mohair picyure for facebookPicture1
At Newmoor Barn the most important thing to us is that our mohair for reborns and doll making comes from happy and healthy goats.
Our goats have the freedom to roam the land and woodland to find the best trees and leaves to eat can access a warm dry place to sleep and have naps!
Our goats are Pedigree and have been bred to provide excellent quality mohair but we do believe that the fact that our mohair comes frpm happy goats only adds to the quality.
We now have a wide range of premium quality mohair for reborns and doll making available at visit now and check it out!!!!


Gourd Birdhouse Grown in Devon!

Gourd Birdhouse selection from newmoor barnWhilst 2013 brought us one of the wettest and coldest summers we have had for a long time, at Newmoor Barn we actually managed to grow some gourds in Devon in the South West of England!

Thankfully we planted and grew the gourds in our large polytunnel and they went wild and whilst the sun wasn’t around very much our gourds grew to a good size, it was the dryng process that was the most difficult part to manage. The atmosphere was damp throughout the late summer and winter and wasn;t helpful at all when trying to dry out our gourds and throughout the Autumn and winter we ad to constantly pay attention to the drying process.

However they have finally dried out! We have now begun painting them and turning them into Little Gourd Birdhouses for our feathered Friends. We are trying to create something for everyone and have developed different ranges.





Gourd Birdhouse - Bulging Belly sWe have some funny ones…











Gourd Birdhouse - Purple Stone Some natural ones….










Gourd Birdhouse - Countryside details Some scenic ones….










Gourd Birdhouse - Spotty and some spotty ones…










Our birdhouses come with a small pack of natural ethical fleece to get the birds started on their new home!

All available at


Ethical Fibres at our Etsy Shop

As the weather has been so cold down here I have finally found some time to launch our Etsy Shop. Here at Newmoor Barn we are into only producing fibre we believe to be ethical. We believe that when you by fibre for art projects you should know where it comes from as there are some horrible practises that go on out there to produce ‘competitively priced’ fibres. All our mohair comes from our own Angora goats and our range of sheep fleeces is sourced from local farmers where we can be sure the sheep that produce the fibre are treated with care and respect. We have a page on our webste that has some videos about wool production, if your interested take a look.

and of xourse please feel free to check out our new Etsy shop at